DAHER and SPIE integrate the Bleam into their preventive maintenance



DAHER: a history of French manufacturer and equipment manufacturer

Its 3 main businesses are aircraft manufacturers, aircraft equipment and systems, logistics services and supply chain.

DAHER has been focused on innovation since its creation in 1863 and has established itself as a leading player in industry 4.0.

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SPIE supports its customers in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly installations. This French company is recognized as a European leader in multi-technical services in energy and communications networks.

SPIE Industry & Tertiary – Industry Division has deployed the UBLEAM solution.

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identified needs

SPIE is already rolling out the solution to its industrial customers in France

DAHER Tarbes’ website sought to make the organization of preventive maintenance more reliable and to ensure that its schedule was properly applied to its managers and technicians at SPIE Industry & Tertiary – Industry Division.

The French manufacturer felt a need to evolve because its current monitoring process (Kanban process with tracking card and colored labels) was not regularly updated, creating uncertainties in the follow-up of interventions.

The need to change operations and integrate new technologies for the benefit of the aviation industry was one of the motivations as well.

DAHER and SPIE have agreed to integrate innovative companies into their digital transformation process (industry 4.0).

SPIE won the national innovation prize SPIE in 2015 with the UBLEAM solution for industry (see video). We have since developed a strong partnership to deploy it to SPIE’s industrial clients.

Solution implemented

Facilitate tasks
and skills

A first version of the UBLEAM platform was deployed and newly replaced by Fusion:

  • 1 Android mobile app that can be downloaded from the blinds and used by all technicians to access machine data;
  • Bleams printed and pasted on critical machines requiring precise follow-up of preventive maintenance carried out by SPIE teams;
  • A web platform (Fusion) for editing services, updating documents and monitoring data reported in the field;

Exemple d’interface utilisée sur le bleam

Exemple de géolocalisation des bleams scannés sur la plateforme Fusion:

The dynamic interface appears after scanning the bleam and displays the custom services according to the people who use the mobile application:

  • documentation and machine plans
  • a telephone call and link to the integrator
  • capture reports directly on mobile
  • maintenance passage history

The solution is intended to facilitate the task of:

  •  SPIE service provider technicians: preventive maintenance through mobile forms to capture reports on a tablet in real time
  • Managers/ DAHER Project Manager: Data Verification

The information is fed back by the technician in two forms with the fusion platform and the interface that makes it possible to make the link with all the services:

Scanning bleam: historical access to interventions
Web platform: statistics

The deployment of the solution was facilitated by the competence of the SPIE teams:

  • Printing of the Bleams
  • Equipment data management
  • Customization of augmented reality interfaces (covers)
  • Field Deployment
  • Training of staff           

Benefits and Results

Ensure preventive maintenance for the right machine at the right time

Integrating Ubleam’s solution into DAHER machines:

  • Saving time in updating and communication operations with the client (easy audit in the field)
  • Secure maintenance and track machines
  • Dematerialize its documentation
  • Differentiate to gain new markets

DAHER sees other application scopes within its Tarbes site but also other production sites in France.

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