At UBLEAM, we are proud to work with clients from various sectors. We support our them in their digital transformation of business processes, by providing them with innovative and tailor-made solutions to improve their productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.

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the digitial logbook preventive maintenance tracking


After testing several identification technologies, we decided to deploy the UBLEAM visual marker to address our maintenance challenges such as asset traceability, interchangeability and maintenance history. Combined with customizable mobile interfaces and the Fusion Web platform, the solution simplifies our equipment data management.

Grégory TÉTARD

Digital coordinateur at TOTAL Energies

Everyone has access to live information, which is automatically centralized, saving enormous amounts of time.


Digitalization Manager at Gascogne Papier


Tout le monde à l’information en live, elle est centralisée de manière automatique, c’est un gain de temps énorme.


Responsable digitalisation chez Gascogne Papier

the manufacturer case

The digital valve logbook

DÉFINOX digitizes and simplifies the maintenance of its valves thanks to the Bleam

the operator case

Digitization of maintenance

DAHER and SPIE integrate Bleam into their preventive maintenance process

the operator case

Traceability and tracking of assets

Digitization of the maintenance system at Gascogne Papier

the manufacturer case

The service book for electric scooters

Digitization of the service book to facilitate the follow-up of scooters between : customer – dealer – manufacturer

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