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Tilgreen is a French company based in Saint-Herblain, near Nantes. Specialised in electric mobility since 2015, they distribute their products in 9 countries as Aurélien RYO, operations manager, explains: “In 2022, we delivered to Benin, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.
Their products are intended for both private individuals and professionals, whether in the private or public sector (Police, Gendarmerie, Prefecture, etc.). The company has a turnover of several million euros in 2021 and employs around ten people.

Our client’s issues

Cumbersome and mandatory regulatory processes!

Tilgreen is known as a rapidly expanding player in the mobility sector. With more than 200 points of sale and several thousand products sold, the Nantes-based company has taken the electric turn and wants to be an environmentally friendly company.

The ecological issue is at the centre of the company’s choices and decisions, and it is in this spirit that David Pluchon solves his problems in order to become a player in the responsible industry. In this approach, the need to digitise is felt and the “0 paper” objective is in sight. Ubleam has positioned itself as a digitalization solution that meets their needs.

The paper process is a problem, it is cumbersome and compulsory (user manual, service book…), moreover paper gets lost and therefore triggers complications for the customer. Until now, each product sold was accompanied by a complete folder of documents that was linked to the product sold (scooter, scooter, electric bike…). The use of paper is a long and costly process and not very suitable in terms of information traceability.

For Tilgreen it is imperative to take advantage of this digitalization to optimize several surrounding problems: for example, the follow-up of the maintenance of each vehicle is done on paper, the communication between all the actors who gravitate around the product is complex (manufacturer, retailer, buyer).
The problems this causes are: a high cost in printing paper, a loss of time in collecting information between the parties, a lack of readability for Tilgreen in the follow-up of their products.

The identified needs

Objective "0" paper!

The major need and objective of this project for Tilgreen is to go “paperless”, i.e. to completely eliminate the use of paper. A need that will meet the company’s CSR expectations.
Underlying needs to be declared are the following: 

  • Improve operational efficiency for maintenance tasks to be carried out in the field
  • Make the service book, vehicle insurance and warranty more accessible by digitising them 
  • Centralise product-related information in a compact tool (Bleam and Fusion platform)
  • Improve customer service with detailed product tracking 
  • Create/Consolidate a sustainable life cycle for their products (assembly, sale-purchase, use, resale, recycling, etc)
  • Facilitate communication between the actors around the product (customer, reseller, manufacturer)

The solution deployed with Ubleam

The digitized logbook

First, we deployed a 3-month POC (proof of concept) to verify that the solution we proposed was well adapted to the needs and allowed Tilgreen to reach its objectives. We deployed our solution on 100 vehicles in order to test if the use of the bleam, the application and the fusion platform was adopted by Tilgreen employees as well as third parties involved in the product life cycle (resellers and end customers).
Ubleam was quickly adopted, with users describing its use as ‘intuitive’, ‘easy’ and ‘ergonomic’.


To deploy the solution on a large scale, we went through a phase of centralisation and digitalisation of information. Our teams were able to support them in order to quickly make the Ubleam service operational, as Aurélien RYO testifies: “As far as support is concerned, I was supported, when I had requests, Thibault (from UBLEAM) was there to support me, which made the implementation quite simple.
Then came the second phase, that of importing the digitised data into the platform. All the information collected could arrive on the Fusion platform, which allowed the tools to communicate with each other (the bleam, the Ubleam application and Fusion). It should be noted that it is possible for each company to have its own private document storage space on the Ubleam private cloud in Microsoft Azure.
And finally, the Fusion platform, which is the central element of the system, had to be set up and configured to reflect and highlight information relevant to Tilgreen. 

To go into more detail, we deployed 4 forms whose main tasks are: to provide service to customers, to archive and record the maintenance actions carried out by dealers, to digitise the warranty to make it directly accessible in a scan and to allow Tilgreen to follow the life cycle of their products. 

Let’s take a few examples: when the scooter is sold, the warranty is digitised by the dealer and accessible at any time by both parties (impossible to lose). This additional security will soon be supported by the arrival of NFTs. In addition to being dematerialised, this will make it possible to guarantee the authenticity of the guarantee in the blockchain. When the scooter user encounters a problem, he can directly trigger a contact form with a description of the breakdown. After a maintenance or repair action has been carried out on a scooter, the dealer keeps a record of all actions and parts modified on the vehicle.

These actions facilitate communication between the actors, improve accessibility to important elements concerning the product (maintenance booklet, repair history, warranty, etc.). These operations also consolidate a database for Tilgreen, improve customer service thanks to product tracking, and make a strong contribution to the sustainable life cycle of the product thanks to the quality of the historical information (the main element that encourages the second-hand market). 

Following the success of this implementation, several developments are planned to improve the Ubleam service offered to Tilgreen. One of these is the automation of alerts to scooter users about the maintenance they need to do. The customer will be able to know when to carry out each maintenance step so that the scooter is serviced in the best possible way and at the right time!

Benefits and results

5 minutes saved per intervention

The deployment of the Ubleam solution has already had the effect of saving time. It has been noted that in the event of a breakdown, the reactivity and availability of information speeds up the process. In a few seconds the repairer recognises the breakdown, its owner and can access the maintenance history of the scooter in question. The Fusion platform acts as an after-sales service management system, connected to the bleam on the scooter, and allows the service department to manage customer requests much more quickly. Aurélien confirms this evolution noticed by their dealers: “As everything is pre-registered, they save 5 minutes per scooter on a service request” (customer-dealer relationship). 

In terms of service, the teams are able to offer more tailored solutions to their users because the data centralised on Fusion offers a much higher level of information to operators than before. Today the customer has his own personal space thanks to the bleam on the scooter. He has access to a high level of service directly from his smartphone, everything is centralised on the application. The direct tripartite connection (manufacturer, retailer and end user) offered by the Ubleam solution, reinforces the importance of customer feedback to Tilgreen. Aurélien explains that “the big advantages were that we had something very structured, we now have a standard model and it allows them (the resellers) to be efficient.

The savings made with the Ubleam solution are significant and contribute to the total elimination of paper. Before our intervention, a scooter was equipped with a file containing the manual, the maintenance booklet and the certificate of conformity (COC). The benefit of this paperlessness is estimated at 15K savings per year.

There are even some beneficial uses that are triggered once the solution is mastered by the company: “There are services that we had not anticipated, all customers who buy a blue scooter, we record their email address. This simplifies contact with the customer and provides a direct link with him”.

Ubleam is part of the company’s eco-responsible dynamic and allows it to increase the service offered to the end customer while creating an efficient and relevant communication channel between the players. Information is centralised, actions are faster and the time saving on the dealer’s part is significant. Further developments are planned to improve the solution. It is planned to set up a maintenance alert for users so that they can be directly warned of important deadlines in the maintenance of their scooter.


"There's no denying it, it looks pro!""

The implementation of our system at Tilgreen is a textbook case! A simple and sustainable use to meet a need to digitalize which will allow them to develop towards a more experienced reseller clientele, as Aurélien RYO testifies: “There is no need to say it! It looks professional! We’re starting to get into car dealerships, and the guys are used to working with processes like that (by which we mean professional and structured processes).
With 1,000 scooters covered, Ubleam’s digital logbook is becoming an asset for Tilgreen and its dealers: traceability, diagnostics, centralization of information. It is also a real plus for the end consumer: a complete, accessible service that allows for maintenance follow-up and document archiving. We are proud to be part of this transformation that is leading our customer towards an industry 4.0.

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