A united team between Toulouse and Bordeaux

UBLEAM extends its influence over two major work sites, Toulouse and Bordeaux. Although located at a distance from each other, these two sites share a remarkable singularity: a single, close-knit team.

Collaboration between the two is essential to UBLEAM’s continued success. It goes beyond simply coordinating activities. It’s about cohesion, shared goals and common projects.

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Regular Meetings

To ensure fruitful collaboration despite geographical distance, UBLEAM organizes regular meetings where the whole team comes together. These moments are invaluable for maintaining a common dynamic, synchronizing objectives and planning future projects.

As one team member put it, « I’m delighted to be able to meet the whole UBLEAM team at our Toulouse site. The importance of these gatherings is inescapable to foster the startup’s dynamism and evolve in the right direction. »

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Strengthening ties

These meetings are not just about work, but also about strengthening the bonds within the team. They’re an opportunity to exchange ideas, share ideas and celebrate successes.

During one of these meetings, one of the members shared, « An unforgettable evening that should forge us to achieve the goals we’ve set ourselves together! »


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Bringing the Toulouse team together in Bordeaux, and vice versa, demonstrates UBLEAM’s commitment to unity and efficiency. During these days, essential topics such as the product roadmap, brainstorming and the integration of new members are discussed.

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