Summer seminar on Web 3.0 technologies

the summer vibes

Ubleam's seminar

This summer, the entire UBLEAM team gathered on the magnificent Atlantic coast for an exceptional professional and human experience. The seminar was much more than a simple work meeting: it strengthened the team’s cohesion and bonds.

the THeME

Web 3.0

The theme of the seminar, focusing on new Web 3.0 technologies such as NFT, metavers, and cryptocurrencies, allowed each team member to immerse themselves in a constantly evolving universe. These revolutionary concepts opened up new perspectives for the digital notebook and showed how acts of maintenance and recycling can be valorized in innovative ways.

This exploration of future technologies not only broadened UBLEAM’s horizons, but also strengthened its employer brand. Team members had the opportunity to acquire cutting-edge skills, work on innovative projects, and help shape the company’s future.


But it's not all

Work and fun, it's a yes

But the summer seminar wasn’t just about business. It also created a “refreshing” and unforgettable moment for the whole team. The team-building activities, the informal discussions by the sea, and the moments of relaxation fostered exceptional team cohesion.

The bonds forged during this summer getaway lasted beyond the sunny days of July, strengthening collaboration within the company.

To resume

In the end ...

… UBLEAM’s Summer Seminar 2022 succeeded in combining the exciting exploration of Web 3.0 technologies with the strengthening of team cohesion. It not only prepared the company for the future, but also reminded all team members why UBLEAM is so much more than a company – it’s a family of innovators determined to push back the frontiers of technology and evolve together.

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