SUbleam Day : a dive into the Ubleam ecosystem

The event of the year

SUbleam Day

On June 8, Ubleam’s « Subleam Day » brought together customers, partners and funders in an enchanting setting. This unique day offered a glimpse of Ubleam’s future, while fostering a dynamic exchange within its ecosystem.


The digital notebook

At the heart of the day’s activities was the « digital notebook », an increasingly relevant topic in an industrial sector in search of digitalization and increased security. Participants were able to explore innovations and advances in this fast-changing field.


But Subleam Day was much more than just a conference. It brought together Ubleam customers, funders and partners in a meaningful way. This networking fostered the sharing of ideas and case studies, fuelling fruitful collaboration to further develop the Ubleam solution.

Key players


The event would not have been possible without the invaluable contribution of Myxed, BX France – BxF Conseil, Airudit and La Bulle Verte – Exploration Tranquille, all experienced companies in the field of new technologies. Their experience enriched the day and enabled fruitful exchanges.

A special mention goes to the dedicated team at Ubleam, who worked tirelessly to deliver the best possible experience. Their dedication helped make the event a resounding success.

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The not-to-be-missed event

All in all, Subleam Day was much more than just a gathering; it was a fascinating dive into the Ubleam ecosystem and an opportunity to connect, learn and grow together in the ever-changing digital age.

A day to mark with a shining star in the calendar of all technology and innovation enthusiasts.

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