In January 2024, the repair bonus will be simplified, extended and modified!

the subject

What is the repair bonus ?

The repair bonus is a financial incentive offered by the government to encourage the repair of electronic and household appliances.

the benefits of the repair bonus

Why use the repair bonus?

What new measures have been introduced?

Ubleam and the reparability

Ubleam commits!

🤝 UBLEAM is committed to this reparability approach, offering the digital equipment logbook providing access to numerous equipment features such as:

– 🔔 Service notification

– 📞 Service contact

– 🛠 Spare parts access

– 📄 Access to documentation

etc …

Because at Ubleam, we care deeply about product repairability, our commitment to repairability reflects our responsibility to the environment and our desire to create a solution that helps reduce environmental impact.

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