Customer Service Application for Manufacturers

You are a manufacturer of technical equipment and you want to bring new services to your customers to facilitate the use and maintenance of your products. You want to know your customers better and innovate through digital technology.

Need: customer service application for manufacturers

Manufacturers or OEMs offer
a variety of products that require some expertise in installation, use or repair.

If the manufacturer does not offer clear information and simple tools to perform these operations, it can simply lead the customer or professional installer to turn to other competing manufacturers.

Manufacturers also face many issues related to lack of product tracking:

  • poor knowledge of the end customer context (its use of the product, its product configuration)
  • poor management of customer support 
  • loss of business opportunities (spare parts, product replacement)

Bringing a digital solution connected with the product allows collecting new data for the manufacturer.

Dealing with such a fierce competition and a large market, it is essential to choose a strategy of differentiation in order to get ahead of competitors and keep a majority share of the market.

The challenges faced by manufacturers include : 

  • differentiate and monitor market development
  • offer customers an innovative product
  • meet the needs of digital transformation
  • provide technical documentation to customers, seamless communication

By deploying a mobile solution, you will be able to offer your customers services that simplify the use of your products: link to the support, identification of the right spare parts, access to the documentation in the right language, product maintenance book,…).

Implementation of the UBLEAM solution

1st phase

The first phase is known as “Prototype” allows prototyping the first services on a type of product to key sales and customers. 1 or 2 bleams are designed in the image of the brand and a first “cover” (augmented reality menu) is created.

The objective of this phase is to validate the interest of the services in the manufacturer’s market before moving to an operational phase.

More specifically, it helps to identify potential value sources (reduce installation and maintenance errors, simplify support, develop new services, customer knowledge).

The manufacturers take advantage of this prototype to tease their market and start their digital transformation by associating the IT (IT), production, trade, marketing, and support teams.

The project is often led by the marketing or innovation manager.

At the end of this phase, the manufacturer already has data: data collected in the field, feedback from interviews, tests (Fusion data) and meetings.

2nd phase

The second phase is the “Pilot” to deploy the solution on a first production line/product line.

It begins with a study phase to define the scope of deployment (product range, user targets (distributors, installers/repairers, end customer (segments)). It also specifies the specific work (integration with the ERP to recover industrial data on objects manufactured or managed in maintenance).

Ubleam already has Apis to simplify this integration already done with the largest software packages (SAP, IBM Maximo).

The Fusion platform is configured with the first services to be deployed on the targeted products: documentation in several languages, installation videos, list of compatible spare parts (from the database), shopping cart, user registration (opt-in/out), manufacturer warranty activation, …

Other important steps before launch:

  • bleam printing process: graphic customization and industrial printing of a sticker ready to be pasted on the product. It is possible in this step to generate the bleam on the industrial label already present and generated by the company tool (ERP, labeling system).

  • bleam placement on the bleam and pairing with the database. This is done either at the end of the production line or on the product fleet already deployed (retrofit by a sticker)

Example of pairing on manufacturing line

  • implementation of monitoring elements: dashboards business, CRM input

The brand often takes advantage of a marketing operation to launch these new services in the market. This marketing operation can be the presence of a trade show or a customer campaign

Launch of bleam application on pool products

Some customers already gain differentiation during this launch (example for Pentair and its prize won at the Global Swimming Pool show ).

A third phase, “Global Industrialization”, involves the development of services. Subsequently, this phase also allows the deployment to all the perimeters of the company (trades, products, international).

Bleam advantage for manufacturers

Bleam advantage for manufacturers

Innovative and digital branding

One-click deployment of new services

Display custom services based on users

Eco-responsible approach (less paper) that values the human being

Experience and unprecedented interaction with the manufacturer

Some customers in this use case :

Our examples of use cases

Management of a fleet of equipment

Customer service application for manufacturers

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