Simplify the management of your assets

By scanning the bleam, access various personalized services in the field :
∙ Installation video and technical manual
∙ Intervention report on mobile
∙ Maintenance history

Solutions adapted to your needs

Customer Relationship

Imagine a world where objects of everyday life such as a boiler, a coffee machine or a biscuit packaging are connected in Augmented Reality . They takes place on a new digital dimension resolutely turned towards the needs of your customers.

As a manufacturer , reveal your added value by simplifying and modernizing the communication means with your customers in the field. Integrate the bleam code into your product offer very quickly and configure your actions thanks to our online platform.

  • Customer knowledge
  • Added value to the product
  • Customer service
  • Data collection
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Technical Operations

Transform your industrial maintenance thanks to augmented reality. Control the operation of critical parts of your production chain while improving the safety of your employees.

Increase productivity and profitability.

Open the scope of possibilities with the Ubleam solution to an industry 4.0 while quickly integrating into your current information systems (CMMS – ERP – CRM).


  • Production optimization
  • Connected maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Improved safety
  • Data collection
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Case study
Augmented reality for industrial maintenance
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Create your bleam

Use our platform to access a Bleam design studio, to customize your augmented reality interface using your colors or to add new things.

The Bleam code is your object numerical id, its circle design guarantees a 99% read rate on all types of smartphones/tablets.

Thanks to an augmented reality interface, your teams can have access in an ergonomical way to different actions from the mobile application.

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Connect your objects

With our platform, reference all your equipments easily by matching a bleam to an object.

Essential features for an everyday use:

  • Things group management
  • Fast and easy peering
  • Things research tool in the data base
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Manage your missions

Define a mission plan and configure your actions in a few clicks in order to help your field teams become autonomous and collect data to optimize your marketing or technical operations.

Save your field teams time and inscrease your productivity thanks to simple and intuitive features such as:

  • Forms management
  • Missions management
  • Missions report follow-up
  • Data export
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Analyze your data

Use a customizable dashboard based on your KPIs to access all your data.

Manage your costs and deadlines with our statistical tool:

  • Real-time number of scans
  • Best scanned Bleams top 3
  • Number of non-compliant forms
  • Latest scans and identified users
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Integrate our solution

We can provide you with a documented API and a mobile SDK. We can interface with different information systems (IS) as well, such as CMMS, ERP or CRM. Do you have a project, a POC, or business applications that require further development? Let’s talk about it!

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