Digitalize technical operations

To an Industry 4.0

Optimize your field operations and secure your sites supervision with connected maintenance.

Industry 4.0 became a major challenge for any industrial site. Choose an adapted solution, deploy it and evaluate its efficiency might not be that easy.

Find out how our clients manage to adapt an intuitive connected maintenance tool and deploy it in less than a week. 


Assets that make all the difference
Reduce the intervention time of your agents/technicians
Secure your maintenance and increase its reliability
Manage your production costs and your deadlines
Collect field data thanks to forms
Anticipate and organize interventions related to preventive maintenance

Customer showcases

ENEDIS digitizes maintenance monitoring of its circuit breakers with Ubleam
DAHER and SPIE integrate the Bleam into their preventive maintenance
DEFINOX scans and simplifies the maintenance of its valves thanks to bleam

If you are a manufacturer,

Augmented reality is supporting user experience:

No more searching for technical instructions or buying the wrong accessory : thanks to a bleam printed on each object, the user can instantly have access to all services provided by the manufacturer or the brand.

Learn how to offer your clients an augmented reality experience that is both fast, powerful and customizable.

Discover the offer

Assets that make all the difference
Customize your bleams with your logo
Access products instructions
Trigger upsell
Improve your customer services
Collect data on an object and its use
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