Things platform

Connect and manage your things using a complete and IS compatible platform

Our online things platform enables a safe and reliable management to your products and guarantees an increase of your marketing and technical operations, in order to create added value from your objects.

Benefit from a global solution based on 4 main axis:

  • Things connectivity
  • Things group management
  • Data collection
  • Data vizualisation on intuitive web and mobile interface
Some features helping you to manage your project
Create bleams and AR interfaces
Real time dashboard access
Things import database
Mobile drag and drop forms
Store files
Manage user profil

Innovation fascinates, questions and questions

Research & Development plays a key role in Ubleam’s activities to enrich our knowledge and skills, thereby maintaining a high level of added value in our solutions.

Ubleam, a certified tax credit researcher, is also responsible for enabling the emergence and realization of your Research and Development projects.

In a context of increasing technological evolution, Ubleam stands out for its R & D activities through industrial partnerships with recognized laboratories that allow our teams to work with experts and digital tools at the cutting edge of technology.

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