Podium for UBLEAM at CES Las Vegas pitch Tech4Cities


UBLEAM has been awarded 3rd place in Super Finale Pitch Session Tech4City MyGlobalVillage January 6th 2022.

Pitch took place in live from several french cities, francophon countries and broadcasted at Hotel New York in Las Vegas. Pitch format 1’30” to convince investors and influencers in tech field, attending to the most BIG consumer show worldwide.

From Bordeaux Startups, Quertix and UBLEAM had the opportunity to pitch From La Grande Poste in Bordeaux since Hiventive pitched from Las Vegas.

UBLEAM has been the awarded startup from Bordeaux ! 

We has the opportunity to present iBleam, the digital loogbook for assets in everyday life with a goa to find industrial partners and OEM to integrate it to their euipements. 

Revival of all Tech 4 Cities pitchs here:

Review pitch 

With this new step, UBLEAM intends to accelerate democratization of its technology for professionals who will take benefit of new features designed for iBleam for asset management.

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