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The crisis that the world cross, is accelerating the transformation of companies which has become necessary to gain operational and ecological efficiency. Moreover, it’s also a moment to offer a new economic models linked to services.

The conditions are met in France for this transformation to be successful: maturity of French digital solutions, momentum of crisis and public funding.

Mature “Industry 4.0” solutions in France

What is Industry 4.0? Quite simply the 4th revolution in industry after mechanization, electrification and industrial computing. It allows an industrial activity to be more and more autonomous or even intelligent. Industry 4.0 on Wikipedia

The two fundamental challenges facing manufacturers are always the same: finding new markets and lowering production costs. Industry 4.0 addresses both challenges :

  • Find new sources of income by making it possible to change its business model, its market, its targets, its product. Example: a food packaging manufacturer starting to 3D print spare parts for local customers.
  • Lower production costs by playing on better design, better production and better maintenance. Example: a security company can ensure the surveillance of a small site by setting up a limited team supplemented by drones.

In France, a good number of young companies have become mature in digital subjects for industry. The solutions are no longer in the prototype or proof-of-concept phase but are ready to be industrialized following the emergence of the IoT and the concepts of the industrial Internet that appeared 5 years earlier.

UBLEAM has crossed a number of these solutions in collaboration for client projects or sharing startup ecosystems. Some have a suitable solution but also a competent team available to take the step to industrialists. In particular: SimSoft3D (voice assistant for operator), Diota (RA for operator), Innersense (RA for furniture), Intent (cloud for buildings), Algotech (business application engine), Fly4U (asset tracking), UWinloc ( logistics monitoring), Adveez (asset tracking), Ubigreen (iot for maintenance), Lynxter (3D printing), Tamaplace (collaborative cloud), ITECA (VR for simulation), Airudit (HMI operators), Thinkdeep (IA for visual control ). Their strength is to be able to bring efficiency to a project while practicing an affordable price for the industrialist.

The crisis: right time to innovate

The infrastructures are idling and the teams are no longer present on site. The crisis becomes an opportunity to start an overhaul of processes, data and a period to motivate teams to work on a new project.

The time

A transformation project requires involvement: it must integrate business teams, IT, sales and marketing teams and general management. Containment brings this uptime necessary to define the outline of the project (e.g. Tamaplace is developing SOFA, a tool allowing teams to virtually bring together to brainstorm and quickly come up with specifications), to prototype even while being at home (e.g. : at UBLEAM, test clients use the Web solution to personalize their tags, design their augmented reality interfaces or even clean their databases), to prepare teams for deployment or to obtain the necessary equipment (smartphones, tablets , virtual reality headsets, augmented reality, …).

Launching the project during the crisis, distant time is saved for the rest.

The urgent need to reduce operating costs and carbon footprint

Many companies face this dilemma: how to invest effectively to better manage production ?  The arrival of industrial IT has made it possible to settle a good part of the subject by coordinating the supply chain and orchestrating production according to customer orders. However, there are still many costly practices for the company:

  • Massive use of paper for work monitoring, administration or product documentation.
  • Disproportionate sizing of the machine park and consumables, often due to a lack of asset management.
  • Unproductive tasks for business processes: double entry, double checking, repetitive training, errors.

All this represents an additional cost of around 20% of production costs and an environmental impact. These problems are solved by industry 4.0 solutions at a lower cost, the ROI of which can be measured from the first months. 

Communicate positively

Covid-19 is surely one of the most impacting for a long time for our Company. As Darwin taught us, it’s not the strongest or the smartest of species that will survive, but the most capable of change. It is surely the opportune moment for manufacturers to stand out from the crowd and positively communicate the desire to adapt. Customers and suppliers are waiting for these signals to set in motion.

Public funding: Plan France Relance

As part of the “Industry digital transformation plan” announced by the Prime Minister in September 2018, the government launched an action plan to accelerate the adoption of technologies relevant to the industry of the future in industrial companies in order to strengthen the competitiveness of French industry and its capacity to create activity and jobs in the region.

This plan included, in particular, consulting assistance co-financed with the Regions (“10,000 supports towards the industry of the future”) and investment assistance (“Exceptional depreciation in favor of investments in digital transformation and robotization of industrial SMEs” , art. 39 decies B of the CGI).

The crisis accelerated this plan since, under the “France Relance” plan, this tax assistance was transformed into an investment subsidy, extended to mid-sized companies and its aid intensity was increased.

The aid (subsidy of 40% of the eligible base) is intended for SMEs and midcaps which make an investment in an asset, recorded as a fixed asset and assigned to an industrial activity on French territory, when this well falls into one of the following categories:

  • Robotic and cobotic equipment
  • Additive manufacturing equipment
  • Software used for design, manufacturing, transformation or maintenance operations
  • Integrated machines for high performance computing
  • Physical sensors collecting data on the company’s production site, its production line or on its transit system
  • Programmable or numerically controlled production machines
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality equipment used for design, manufacturing, transformation or maintenance operations
  • Software or equipment whose use makes use, in whole or in part, of artificial intelligence and used for design, manufacturing or transformation operations as well as for all maintenance and production optimization operations

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PSUBLEAM solution and support from our teams are fully included in this system since it is software for maintenance operations. The tag MADE IN FRANCE! Contact us now to size your project and the amount of the grant: here 

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