Our Fusion solution makes it easy to track your products

The Fusion solution consists of a mobile application to access information in the field, interactive codes (bleam) to affix to your objects and a web platform to configure and exploit all the data on your products.


The bleam: the new generation of visual code

the bleam is a patented identification technology that incorporates the principle of barcodes and combines the 3D detection performance related to the geometry of the circles.

It thus has unique performances :

  • High tolerance for degradation. Its service life exceeds 20 years in print, 50 years in metal engraving (+ in video)
  • Robust remote and biased playback. The recoil distance reaches 50 x code diameter on smartphone (+ in video)
  • Fast and reliable. Up to 100 Bleams can be detected at once (+ in video)


Examples of bleams to be scanned with the UBLEAM application :



The mobile reading application

Users can use it to scan the Bleams or from the history to access the services related to the product:

  • Personalized augmented reality interactive menu according to the identified user
  • Online Documentation
  • Enter mobile forms (maintenance report, note taking, notification, service request, etc.)
  • View share history on the product
  • Contact a person by e-mail or telephone
  • Link to other applications (mobile or web)


You can download it from iOS and Android stores by directly clicking on this link. It works with a smartphone as well as a tablet.


Web platform: create, edit, deploy

The FUSION Web platform allows you to configure all your product and equipment settings.
It has simple and scalable features such as :

  • Bleams graphic customization, print-ready file generation
  • The user database and object management (manual, file import or APIs)
  • Configuration of mobile services: customizable augmented reality interfaces (covers), mobile forms, hosting of online documentation, customization of interfaces according to users (scenario)


The web platform: tracking and monitoring data

Fusion has a field data collection system in a secure cloud on a Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

The data available in our data lake include:

  • geo-located Bleams scans in the form of dashboards and interactive maps
  • data entered in mobile forms archived in web format and exportable in PDF format or via APIs.
  • the modified data for each product/equipment via the mobile application.

Fusion has software interfaces (APIs) to share data with other information systems and business software packages (ERP, GMAO, CRM…). Find out more.

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