Uses and Business of Augmented Reality

The news provided around augmented reality comes up against knowledge by the general public and professionals. That’s what drives us to write this white paper.

In this white paper, we will approach the concept of augmented reality in a pedagogical way through many examples of uses and bring you everything you need to know about this technology.


Uses of today and tomorrow

Augmented reality was democratized from 2003. Several sectors of activity contributed to the invention of this technology. This tour of horizons precursors, ambassadors and visionaries of augmented reality will allow you to know its beginnings and better apprehend them.



Business applications

Although almost twenty years old, this technology has only experienced its first innovations. The projections figures of the French Ministry of the Economy prove it: the direct market of the augmented reality promises to reach 28 billion dollars in 2020 in France.

As we have seen, augmented reality appeals to the biggest companies on the planet. It is not just a gadget to animate a communication operation. Many companies rely on this technology to influence their public image and improve the products and services they offer, for marketing or technical operations.

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