INVISO Project

INVISO is a development project initiated by EEMAU Industrie and Ubleam in partnership with IRIT. It allows new mobile interfaces to be offered to manufacturers looking to improve their production and maintenance processes.

These interfaces will allow operators to instantly access information in augmented reality on tablets or mobiles from hardware identified by bleams (smart logos).

The two major innovations proposed in INVISO:

  • industrialization of augmented reality within a MES software (Manufacturing Executing System) allowing to access and exchange all process information in real time on the workstation mobile (hardware identification, data entry, …). This innovation makes it possible to address the vast market of the MES and factories in digital transformation.
  • Visual Scene Recognition Support  to help operators in their technical tasks from a simple photo taken in the context. Example: Specify the screw mounting location on a photo. This innovation makes it possible to address the market for training and industrial quality.


    This project launched in 2015 is the subject of a request for a grant from the Midi-Pyrénées region and the European Union under the call for proposals DigiFab .

    UBLEAM: The instant mobile augmented reality solution for marketing and industrial applications

    EEMAU Industrie: the specialist in automation, computing and electricity in industrial production

    IRIT: IT research institute in Toulouse, pillar of research with 700 members in the region around 7 research themes and 20 teams