Why Ubleam adds QR code and others identification technologies to its platform

Our users and customers know how smart is our identification technologies Intuitive and robust is our tag technology we...

Our users and customers know how smart, intuitive and robust is our tag technology we named “Bleam”. This patented circular shape “QR code” has lots of disruptive features we would love to spread the word with: customisation, distance of read X 10 compared to QR Code, augmented reality experiences, multiple codes scanning,…

Nevertheless, lots of challenges do exist to introduce such a new standard: printing formats, capability to scan without any mobile application, on-boarding of new users even in professional worlds (also with other scan techno) and rejections of private technology.

Visuel Skydôme, scan bleam

A new paradigm arrived during Covid crisis: western people intensively adopted QR code to access information in everyday life. Since we deeply invested in our asset management platform (Fusion), everything was ready to implement these standards.

QR code / NFC : user adoption, mobile readiness

2020 has been a big move forward regarding QR code user adoption: accessing menu details at restaurant or checking in to rent an electric scooter boosted this adoption. Much more useful than the use on flyers or advertising. 

Moreover, since iOS 11, Apple enabled QR code scanning by implementing this feature through photo application with good performances: no need to install a new application since it is installed in native with iOS and Android. The same for NFC

Scan QR code

Effects of this adoption on consumers impact professional world: technicians are ready to access online documentation on mobile or declare reports in live during on-field operations. BYOD approach also helps consumers to use their personal device in professional tasks:  this is key to digitalize field services.

At Ubleam, we measured this change and considered a new way to bring a first level of services using these standards: display the digital logbook of assets when authorized by our customers.

Identification technologies in industry

Since 2015, industry has massively invested in identification technologies to track their assets and follow operations.

In construction, RFID became the standard to track location of assets and avoid loss of costly toolslike  formworks, backhoe, generators. Process implies to scan assets before leaving the main warehouse to track any movement. Complexity may exist if tools are moved from one construction site to another one without coming back to main warehouse where specific RFID scanner is located.

In facility management such as building maintenance or inspection of conformity, QR code or visual identification are mainly used to tag places and assets: they are scanned with smartphones and used with business applications (CMMS, BIM,…). There are still missing information for people leaving in building due to the fact that data is accessible only in specific application needing pro registration.

In oil&gas industry, visual identification is mainly used to be enough robust to huge weather constrains. At Totalenergies, Ubleam has been selected as the visual code to be read from profesional mobile applications. We worked with industrial printers such as Brady our partner (Brady page UBLEAM ) to harmonize print formats for bleam codes: size, materials (paper, plastic, …), glue caracteristics,…). Finally, we opted to pre-print bleam codes in standard format in order to speed up POC projects even if our customer lost customisation capacity: time of deployment is the key ! 

Lots of industrials invested in identification system (even if 60% did not implement any maintenance software…) and we decided to be compatible with it. By implementing QR code, barcodes, NFC or visual numbering (manual entry or caracter recognition) into Fusion platform, we open the capability to all industrials with such identification to be Fusion ready and have a unique entry point on asset to added value services:

  • documentation, mobile reports and history
  • assets database management for inventory and tracking
  • notifications and business dashboards
  • one mobile application scanning one unique tag to open other applications like CMMS, ERP or PLM (eg see this natural integration with Dimo Maint MX)

Identification assets

It opens unlimited applications with a reversible technology (Fusion platform) and existing identification system.

Whatever the code, application is the key

The identification shall not be the blocking point to improve business operations. On EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) market, as stated by Selecthub in their study, “Automation, talent retention, customer experience and climate change are going to be big players in the future of EAM”. All of these rely or contibute to qualified data on assets, the first step of predictive operations (maintenance, production, supply or logistics).

Attracting, engaging and leveraging people in operations rely on your faculty to erase any pain points in their day-to-day work and to bring them added value. An intuitive mobile application is mandatory, an automated and seamless process is a must to succeed in your digital transformation. This is applicable to operations in industry, to customer services for OEAM / subcontractors and to employee for any company. A collaborative way to improve asset management and save costs by 30%.

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