FAQ: Launch of new mobile application UBLEAM “Fusion Edition”

The new application UBLEAM “Fusion Edition” is coming : richer, more effective, more user-friendly ! The app will come in 15th April in App Store and Google Play.

Fusion also brings the capability to generalize augmented reality to all existing objects.

You can find here all answers about Fusion’s problematic.

What is the mobile application UBLEAM “Fusion Edition” ?

UBLEAM begins his activity with the launch of Bleam technology in communication application in 2011. In 2015, UBLEAM speeds augmented reality for multiple usages and especially industrial activity. UBLEAM Fusion is our new platform, not only giving augmented reality experience, but adding services in industrial object and equipment. Mobile app “Fusion Edition” allows to scan Bleams created in UBLEAM Fusion platform and offers dedicated experiences, more effective and richer. In 15th April, it replaces historical application UBLEAM to be reachable to all users, especially maintenance professional or product users.

What happens about Bleams generated and manage in Bleam Manager platform ?

You are more than 9000 people to use our historical Bleam Manager for manage different experiences : augmented business card, augmented packaging, interactive print, …

From 15th March, Bleam Manager access will be unavailable. Your Bleams will be transfer to the Fusion plateform with a augmented reality generic experience. To continue to use your bleams, we plan a special offer. We invite you to contact us, fastest, at this address.   

All non-updated mobile applications, after 15th April, will can scan Bleam until 15th August, official date of Bleam Manager deactivation.

What are the benefit of the new UBLEAM app “Fusion Edition” ?

 The new mobile app is part of UBLEAM strategy improves daily life of users in product management while briging associate service. Fusion can already :

  • Connect with a personal account allow to access dedicated services during the Bleam scan
  • Pair blank Bleams with list of product generated in the Fusion database
  • Consult Bleams scan historic with a real-time update
  • Scan Bleams with enhanced performance (scan distance, multiple Bleams scan) and other augmented reality experiences richer than before (interactive interface, media possibilities like video clip or Gif)
  • Be ready for future evolution
  • Be collaborative with other business mobile application (lists are coming)

If you want to contact us asap to have a migration offer to the Fusion platform ? Send us an email at this address.  

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