ENEDIS digitizes maintenance monitoring of its circuit breakers with Ubleam


ENEDIS is reviewing its maintenance management with Ubleam technology, which digitizes the circuit breakers of the tulle source station.

ENEDIS, the leading electricity distributor in France

Established in 2008 as ERDF, today the company is known as ENEDIS. It manages the electricity distribution network throughout France and carries out all the technical interventions (connection, troubleshooting, meter reading, etc.). With the management of the public electricity distribution network on 95% of the French territory, ENEDIS is today the first electricity distributor in France.

ENEDIS has four main tasks:

generation of electricity from various sources
transmission of electricity from generating stations to facilities
distribution by moving electricity between the distribution network and homes, businesses or institutions
marketing with suppliers who sell electricity to individuals, businesses or institutions

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In order to avoid the risks associated with human errors in the monitoring of its maintenance, ENEDIS has initiated a prevention approach using Ubleam technology.

A new maintenance tracking tool was needed to meet 3 objectives:

– an acceleration of processes
– a reduction in human errors
– a reduction of safety risks



On-site technicians can now generate maintenance reports directly on their tablets. Using the Ubleam application, the connected technician scans the bleam present on the object and accesses an augmented reality interface that gives it a multitude of services: consulting technical aids and documentation related to maintenance, access to maintenance history, filling in an intervention report or declaring a breakdown.

Solution maintenance digitale Ubleam

The Technician’s device increased at Enedis



It was necessary for the teams of Enedis to list the equipment concerned and to provide us with the contents to display in augmented reality at the Bleams scan.
We configured the online platform (users, equipment, documents, forms, content) and created the Bleams according to their graphic charter.
Printing was managed internally because we had 20 Bleams to print. It took about 2h for the maintenance technician to paste the Bleams on the equipment and match them very simply in a scan.
This pilot project was deployed in a few weeks in the field, and aims to be replicated at various Enedis sites.
We are currently working with AMEPS Nanterre on an equipment inventory project connected with Maximo.

Benefits & Results 

Secure and guide the technician as best as possible:

  • Towards the right equipment by scanning several Bleams
  • Towards the right gesture by a checklist during TOP (prior observation time)

Simplify field reporting by integrating the system with the MAXIMO system in order to:

  • Reducing risks and accidents
  • Save time: 30 minutes per day per technician in searching and entering information
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