DEFINOX scans and simplifies the maintenance of its valves thanks to bleam

Ubleam technology makes it possible to identify each valve of the manufacturer DEFINOX and to simplify its...

DEFINOX revolutionizes valve tracking and maintenance with its new augmented reality application

DEFINOX ID for its industrial customers and installers, using Ubleam technology.

Definox, French specialist in the manufacture of industrial valves

Founded in 1996, the DEFINOX Group specializes in the design and manufacture of stainless steel valves and equipment for the processes of the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.
DEFINOX has three main areas of activity :

  • Design and manufacture of process valves
  • Design and production of specific custom sets
  • Advice and provision of services

Its high-tech products are able to meet the greatest demands of modern processes: performance, sanitarity, flexibility, respect for the environment, etc.

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Simply bring the necessary information to the technicians:

  • Allow technicians to easily identify a valve
  • Allow technicians to quickly identify the spare parts required for the equipment in front of them

Simplify maintenance operations


Definox launched its Ubleam-based mobile application, “ID Definox”, which provides real-time access to:

  • identification of Definox valves: name of the valve, reference, diameter, grade or type of seal
  • the technical documents necessary for its installation
  • its maintenance: document, assembly video, list of spare parts and tools

The application allows the elaboration of a list of spare parts to either constitute the initial stock of parts, or to intervene quickly and serenely on the equipment by informing Definox of the need for spare parts.
If the valve evolves, the bleam can be remotely matched by Définox, the information associated with the valve is then automatically updated!
The so-called bleam marker is labelled directly on the product or engraved on a stainless steel medallion.

Discover the DEFINOX ID solution in video:

The right spare parts for the right valve at the right time!
Access to all information at the foot of the equipment
Time saving
Reduce the risk of errors & increase the safety of the technician
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