COVID19 – Ubleam on the bridge

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Ubleam & Covid-19

In the context of global crisis induced by COVID-19, we wanted to reassure you about the safety of our teams and the availability of our services.

Last Friday, we had already taken the decision to telework to secure the entire Ubleam team, applicable from this Monday in Bordeaux and Toulouse.

Thanks to our agile processes and the digital tools that we use daily, all our teams collaborate remotely, all our services are functioning normally and planned deployments are maintained. All our partners (printers, IT and business integrators, Cloud hosting) are very present with us.

In this time of major crisis, it goes without saying that some customers are considering postponing their commitments and that commercial forecasts are shifting by a few weeks. Some players would be tempted to reduce activity through partial unemployment.

At Ubleam, we have chosen to take advantage of this period to accelerate the development of our product and to better prepare for future deployments to our customers.

It is a unique moment for you to devote time and resources to Ubleam by launching now the projects that you had planned later, by participating in the studies and webinars that we are going to organize, by imagining together how we can change the world which will de facto have to transform with digital.

We can also have this commitment to those who are suffering the full brunt of this crisis: the population and professionals affected. Together we can imagine solutions to get through this crisis.

You can count on us and our ecosystem.

We are also counting on you!

The whole Ubleam team

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