UBLEAM wins EDF Pulse Occitanie Award with its maintenance solution

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In need of good news? We announce a new victory for UBLEAM, we are the winner of the EDF Pulse Occitanie prize.


I- The EDF Pulse competition


For six years now, EDF Pulse has been organizing innovation competitions every year that “will make the world of tomorrow” from a national point of view, but also, as far as we are concerned, in the regions. This competition consists of calls for regional projects with different categories related to the energy production activities of the French company: solar panel temperature supervision, stage transformation into self-sufficient green energy, optimization of water resources in nuclear power plants, etc.

During the publication of the various themes, the UBLEAM team in charge of the project chose the following theme: equipping the industrial zone worker with tools for nomadic management and traceability. The challenge was to develop a digital solution that would make maintenance operations as close as possible to the intervention easier, more reliable and more secure.



II- The EDF Pulse Prize and what it will bring us

This year, the 9 Occitan winners who responded to the calls for projects met at the Innovation It Day in Labège on 13 June 2019 to present their solutions.

The afternoon was also an opportunity to lend themselves to a pitch competition for the prizes of coup de coeur, coup de pouce and the Prix coup de coeur EDF Africa. The presentation day allowed us to meet the other winners as well as the EDF France teams who came to the site. The closing of the day was marked by the presentation of prizes to the various winners in a large ceremony.

photo credit : Thibault Penin / Agence Trajoctoires

And now? The EDF Pulse competition is a regional innovation competition, but like all competitions, there is a prize to be won. This award is a budget for a Proof of Concept (POC), a proof-of-concept project for those most resistant to the language of Shakespeare. This project will be carried out with the EDF body which raised the initial problem during the calls for projects.

It is with the subsidiary of EDF, Cyclife (Ex-Socodei) with which we will conduct a project to implement our solution on one of their sites. This company specializes in the processing and packaging of low-level radioactive waste and wants to implement a digital process for maintenance, warning, and reporting of incidents.

Here is a video produced in partnership with the EDF teams and presenting our solution at the awards ceremony.

Another issue related to industrial maintenance that you will find in our customer cases.

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