Fusion, the new UBLEAM mobile platform is coming

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For 2 years, our teams has been developing the new UBLEAM platform : Fusion. This new platform will be released on next 15th April, with an update of UBLEAM app. Fusion will come with new features and will change all interactions between you and your object.


What’s new in Fusion ?

A new scan experience

As always with UBLEAM, new platform goes with integration of new features for you. In this topic, Fusion brings a lot of innovation. Firstly, an all new augment scan experience; in fact you’ll have the power to scan several Bleams in only one use, furthermore different new interaction will be released in augmented reality experience. We have improved the scan distance in order to be easiest in your daily life experience with UBLEAM.


Creation and management user account

The new platform Fusion allows creation and management of different user accounts. You can configure and handle actions; scenario according to user account. You have a dedicated daily operations team and a quality technical team in charge of quality management, you want them to have dedicated interactions with a Bleam ? This is the reason why we’ve created this new feature, user scenario based on user data.


The Bleam for new way of interaction

If you followed our project for a while, you know that our aim is transforming a simple action, like a bleam scan, in a dynamic interaction experience. In Fusion we have enhanced the interaction capabilities. In fact, you will be able to push data/documentation in the cloud solution, create mobile forms, pair objects from your mobile app and offer dynamic information.


What happens of past Bleams generated in Fusion ?


As soon as Fusion release, next 15th April, the Bleam Manager will be not accessible and all the Bleams generated in this platform will be inactive. If you want continue to use them, no worries, we already prepare an offer to keep on with the UBLEAM experience and keep your Bleams. If you have any questions, we have created a FAQ with the basic answers. And if you want to discuss about your personal problematic and Fusion integration of your Bleam, use this email adress : newapp@ubleam.com.


Like you understand, it’s a big step ahead for the UBLEAM team with the release of a richer application and more efficient, UBLEAM Fusion. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo.

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