Agility and production monitoring

You have a production factory and are looking to simplify information sharing between teams and synchronize field data with your information systems (ERP, MES).

Need: agility and production monitoring

Industrialists with production sites have taken steps to optimize their processes and have already deployed tools to improve productivity. However, they face new challenges:

  • quickly train young staff on the job
  • quickly share information between teams in an agile approach (lean manufacturing)
  • digitize field information and synchronize it with existing software tools (ERP, MES).

Example: follow progression of a manufacturing order from the field (paper) to the status in ERP.

Deploying digital solutions and agile practices is a major challenge that can be slowed down by both IT and operational teams seeing more problems than gain. With the UBLEAM solution, the implementation is incremental in order to maximize its adoption by the business teams and quickly measure the operational gains on the processes.

Implementation of the UBLEAM solution

The Fusion platform is set up in the plant on 2 main perimeters and independent of each other.

Increased work station

  • The Bleam is positioned on the workstation in the form of an industrial label.
  • Once scanned by a tablet or smartphone, the production agent can consult all the technical documentation and ranges to be used on this workstation.

  • Other services can be provided such as reporting an incident that will directly notify the maintenance technician, consulting spare parts with the store or even access to scheduled work on the station.

  • This implementation is relatively quick to implement with the generic services of the Fusion platform. The manager can interact in real-time with the bleams deployed on the station. In addition, it is possible to interface with the ERP system to retrieve work in progress and display it on a stand-alone basis.

Monitoring of work

  • The bleam is positioned with the manufacturing order, printed and matched either directly from the ERP or in the form of a badge temporarily matched with the manufacturing order.
  • In this configuration, it allows tracking the progress of the work. The bleam also provides the necessary targeted information for assembly or expertise (parts, ranges, etc.). But also to feedback valuable data to the ERP: status, photos, and notes were taken.
  • The bleam then becomes the mobile digital extension of the ERP by centralizing the essential data of the start of the life of the product. In particular, it may be glued to the product itself in order to provide its information (nomenclature). And yet be enriched with services for the customer.
  • For companies that do not have an ERP or production tracking system, it is quite possible to use the Fusion platform alone. Simply use the customizable database, mobile forms, and the online documentation system.

In both cases, it is possible to connect Fusion to supervisory systems (Business Intelligence) for the manager and display screens in the factory for sharing progression in real-time with the teams.

Advantages of the Ubleam solution
Quick to deploy
Compatible with existing systems

Some clients in this use case

production monitoring
production monitoring
production monitoring
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