Summer has been appropriate to rest but not for our team who designed new features on Fusion plaform and Ubleam mobile...

Summer has been appropriate to rest but not for our team who designed new features on Fusion plaform and Ubleam mobile application. Among them, the so expected Form Studio who enables users to build their own forms template. Available for all customers having a standard subscription or more. 

Thus, there is a major step in Android application with a new screen called “Smart Menu”.
Here are the details of this new version.

Form Studio: create your customised mobile forms

You have already had the ability to access mobile form through Form button on mobile interface: it allows to open form models and fill a report. With Form Studio, you can now design your own models with simple blocks (text input, numeric input, date input, check box, rolling list, image input) and complex blocks (signature, barcode scan). It allows multilang edition and mobile format preview. 

Form Studio

The Studio allows to have default value linked to asset database thanks to shortcode. Smart to simplify field reports.

Once the form model is created, you can link it directly through mobile interface (Form button) or trough assets workspace to fill reports and collect them in asset logbook (web and mobile, still). Simple !

Here some samples of forms you can create:

  • maintenance procedure
  • report for legal inspection (safety round for example)
  • functionning checklist (for car rental for example)

The following media illustrate mobile forms on devices:


Forms to declare failures / to check maintenance

With this feature, you can easily digitalise your field operations.

Smart Menu: your assets and tasks in the pocket

A new screen appears in Ubleam application: Smart Menu to simplify every day tasks for operators. 

This screen is configurable from Fusion back-office and can be associated to users profil and can activate added value features:

  • My Assets: equipment list and access to detailed sheet and services per asset.
  • My Tasks: frequent tasks allocated to operators with step-by-step sequence between manual forms.
  • Visual Search:  mode to find an equipment using augmented reality technology on bleam codes

With this main evolution, you will optimise your field operator through a clear roadmap and mobile tools.  They can focus on their business tasks, Fusion takes other stuff ! 

Here some samples of Smart Menu and AR search mode:


Here, a sample of asset list on mobile device:


UX, assets documentation

From Fusion back-office, you can now filter bleam codes by ubcode or external identifier (customer codification): useful to fin a bleam not paired yet). 

Display performance (on reports page), protection against wrong erasure, we improved some interfactions.

Finally, we improved the asset documentation section by enabling the capacity to link attribute and online documentation through file browser. No more link errors !


We hope all these features will boost your asset management and digitalise your field operations.

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