How it works

A bleam is a smart logo connecting physical and digital worlds. It can be read by mobile applications implementing Ubleam technology and links to mobile sites or a mobile experience. In the same spirit as QRcode, the bleam opens a new marketing channel that enables everybody to access mobile services but opens up whole new lines of interactive communication, with fun and convenience. Stand out from all the others giving meaning and branding to your mobile marketing.

Create & Customize

Set up your mobile experience

Measure the sucess


The bleam is simple


  • Iconic to engage users
  • Seamless experience of scan
  • Smart tools to print and track bleams


The bleam is creative


  • Unlimited graphical customization (samples)
  • Billion of codes linking to your brand
  • Image imports and HD exports for professionals


The bleam is powerful


  • 3D tag, 5 times more effective
  • Works on any curved or small surfaces
  • Ready for Augmented Reality features


Customization and brandability

Customization & Brandability

The graphical freedom offers unlimited brand experiences. You can use any image, including logos, pictures, icons or other brand designs into a bleam easily with the Bleam Studio. So users feel that they are connecting and engaging with your activity and not with a code.

Contrary to QRcode, you have a wider space available for branding (a 4cm 2D code leaves a 8mm wide for customizing against bleam 2.3 cm for the same size). Graphic designers can use graphics editing software to create a bleamable work of art! See samples.


Robust and powerful

Robust & Powerful

Customization has no impact on scan performances. Thanks to a robustness 3D processing bleams are decodable in motion, sideways and far away (5 times more than a qrcode). The minimum size of a bleam is 10mm. This patented technology offers a capacity of billions of millions codes. Scan is fast and discrete: just test it!

Robust to support distorsion, the bleam technology makes the integration on every supports easier even in miniaturisation and on flexible supports or screen, like textile, small packagings, TV, etc. (unlimited integration). Each object can be sreenprinted by the bleam (easy to update) with the template manager.


Explicit and friendly

Explicit & Friendly

The bleam is designed for users!

It provides a seamless experience from start to end. This attractive and meaningful tag focuses on the associated services. So, the bleam is understandable for all and inviting to scan to discover the mobile experience. Any logo becomes an everyday life support for people.

Universal and simple

Universal & Simple

Ubleam provides a standard unified software tools for developper and a simple and full ecosystem for users. The universal bleam reader application is available on every mobile plateforms and it has the ability to scan QRcode too.

The bleam is also a community of bleamers! Everybody can share a bleam scanned on his social media, by e-mail or submit his use case on the blog.


Smart and Easy Tools


Bleam Manager: create and manage
The web plateform allows you to configure URL linked or web application (bleam content) and gives you tracking details for all your campaigns in real time.


Ubleam Studio: creation and customization
The studio lets you customize, edit and print your graphic bleams in small (PNG) or high definition formats (SVG) for extensive customization. Create your bleams in your likeness!


Ubleam app' to scan your bleam
Ubleam reader is available for free on IOS, Android, Blackberry and soon on Windows phone. Scan and share bleams easily, retrieve a bleam in the history list…

Download Reader App

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