Bleam: your smart logo powerful, easy, friendly


Augmented reality is a technology enriching the real world with digital information and media through the lense of a smartphone, a tablet or through smart glasses.

Bleam Augmented Reality

Ubleam uses the most advanced computer algorithms, crafted in collaboration with a team of vision computer experts. These algorithms are based on the “projective geometry of conics” (the bleam) which enable us to achieve the best performances ever in terms of speed, robustness, and reading conditions, offering to the users a seamless and rich augmented reality mobile experience.


Smartphones supplant TV and computers regarding the daily time spent. From the sales points to the consumers households, augmented reality is an innovative channel to set up a new kind of customer relationship for advertisers. There are a lot of different ways to craft a customized and contextualized consumer experience with the bleam.

  • Attirer l'attention


    The bleam can differentiate your brand by fueling consumer curiosity. Customized and engaging, the bleam is seen not as a technological device, but as a fun and enriched experience.

  • Faciliter l'acte d'achat

    Facilitate purchase

    The bleam immersive experience improves understanding and involve reinsurance. In one scan, the consumer access to additional personalized and interactive content.

  • Animer la relation client

    Drive customer relationship

    The positive feeling of the experience of the first scan creates an emotional connection between the consumer and your brand, guarantee of trust to your brand.


The bleam, your smart logo, is a very valuable marketing tool. It provides a contextualized content in real time for a personalized user experience. The bleam provides more benefits than Image recognition or barcode / QR Code technologies:

  • Engaging: a design and efficient call-to-action (logo marker)
  • Fast: 5’’ to deliver Augmented Reality experience vs 30’’
  • Reliable: you are sure to land on the right digital content
  • Customized: delivers a contextualized experience at its best
  • Universal: a powerful and free reader for the bleam as well as the QR Code app to collect qualifed data (download now)


3000 marketers, brands and agencies are using the self-service Bleam Manager to build their own AR and interactive campaigns. Enrich your marketing materials with engaging digital experiences : the Bleam’apps.

Do-it-yourself !

Create, share and manage your own bleam campaigns, all on the web and with just a few clicks:

Créez votre expérience digitale

Build your
digital experience

Choose your Bleam’app (mobile site, marketing game, promotion, location in-store, purchase on mobile, …) or create your own experience.

Designez vos bleams & contenus

Design your
bleams & contents

Customize your bleam(s) and the content of your Bleam’app: integrate your design, your pictures and your marketing messages.

Intégrez & partagez vos bleams

Add & share
your bleams

Test and print your bleam(s) on your marketing materials explaining the process and the add value to your consumers.

Evaluez vos campagnes

Evaluate your campaigns

Follow the real-time statistics and location of scans per bleam or type of marketing materials to accelerate the effectiveness of your actions.

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