Why Ubleam ?

  • Simplicité


    Create your bleam in few steps and offer your customers seamless and original mobile experiences when they are the most receptive!

  • Performances


    Turn customer’s smartphone into a new sale channel! Depending on what your strategy is, the bleam can actually drive traffic in store or on your website and even monetize your audience.

  • Engagement


    Designed to encourage the exchange, the bleam allows you to measure the effectiveness of your communication and improve your customer knowledge through a real-time statistics of your campaigns.

Bleam, augmented efficiency



With the bleam everything is possible. From personalized Logo to content creation, it allows you to customize your communication in detail. Deliver to your customers a branded digital experience when they navigate through augmented reality by selecting content.



Opt for individualized communications. The bleam refers to a mobile content and contextualized experience based on user profile information.



The bleam can be featured on all media (paper, screen, packaging, cloth) to enrich them with many types of experience like marketing game, dematerialized loyalty card, product information.

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Unlimited applications

Ubleam offers on its web platform numbers ready-to-use applications (“Bleam App”): customize bleam, create augmented experiences and launch your campaign in few minutes.



A simple scan of your card displays your photo and all your marketing content in augmented reality on mobile. Simplify connections, present your services / products, keep your information up to date, follow the statistics and location of your cards.

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By printing the bleam on your advertising, events or point-of-sale, facilitate and engage your customers / prospects with a set of interactive and fun scratching! Offer gifts or coupons and collect qualified data on your audience (registration form).

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July 15th 2014

The success of the BleamCard

Il y a 2 mois environ, après sa récompense à la conférence LeWeb13 Paris, Ubleam se lançait dans l’aventure crowdfunding sur la plateforme de financement participatif Indiegogo pour faire découvrir la BleamCard mondialement. Et c’est réussi ! 124 pays ont découvert notre technologie innovante de réalité augmentée depuis les quatre coins du globe.

January 17th 2014

The smart logo augments luxury packaging

Packaging plays a key role in a brand’s health and growth. Solev innovation and novelty subsidiary of Pochet Du Courval has well understood that. Integrating Ubleam technology in its innovations, the company boosts brand images and deepens customer relationships.

Le point sur la Réalité Augmentée: l’effet “whaou” prendre 1 place derrière les usages & les bénéfices http://tinyurl.com/nrqea6o #AR #RA @ar_fr